Opernsänger - Überlebenstraining

There are guides/books for opera singers where you can read about how important it is to have a good voice, to be able to sing well and to look good. And that quality, whatever this may mean in your business, will always prevail.

In addition to this, you will also find reality in this book, which concerns both prospective and practiced opera singers.

We live in a world dominated equally by high ideals, dependencies and economisation, in which very few are able to come out on top and lead a fulfilled artistic life. In order to be able to prepare yourself for this, and to successfully hold your own, you need, alongside talent, a perspective of the circumstances that is as illusion free as possible, as well as corresponding strategies and flexibility.

The authors, Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Hillert, Christina Lemnitz and David Molnár, have summarised a book which presents the reality of the music business and gives every prospective music student a clear picture of the highs and lows of the occupational field as an opera singer.

Alongside a historical review of the history of opera and of classical singing, the reader is introduced to how opera and classical concerts will change in the future. However, topics like stage fright, and what kind of questions should be directed towards the management, have not been left out.

Therefore, this book is a perfect read for every prospective singing student so that they are clear in the preparation for or at the beginning of their studies, as to whether a career as an opera singer is right for them.

The book can be ordered at AMA Verlag.